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 NOTE: REGISTERED USERS of 100sounds, 100birds, 100animals, please visit NoTie.NET RINGTONES: 100sounds | 100birds | 100animals
For personal use only
Thank you for requesting ringtones from No Tie Software! As you may know, Apple DOES NOT ALLOW ANY APP to install ringtones. You MUST install ringtones using iTunes ON YOUR MAC OR PC.

  2. OPEN THE ZIP FILE TO EXTRACT the individual .m4r ringtone files to your computer, for example in your Documents directory.
  3. Open the new directory and DOUBLE-CLICK on the .m4r ringtone file or right-click (Control-Click for one-button Mac mice) on the .m4r file and SPECIFY TO OPEN THE FILE WITH iTunes
  4. Connect your iPhone, click on the Ringtones tab at the top and MAKE SURE Sync Ringtones IS CHECKED. Sync your iPhone and your ringtones should transfer!
You can change the default ringtone in Settings -> Sounds or set a custom ringtone for each friend using the Contacts app! NOTE: If a custom ringtone doesn't work for a caller, you may have their phone number stored differently than your carrier (e.g. AT&T) transmits it. Try adding/removing the '1-' prefix.

iPhone owners can also use ringtones for clock alarms. Currently, Apple does not allow for custom text (SMS/MMS) alerts but they didn't always allow for custom ringtones either, so perhaps that will change.

Email us if you would like a specific sound included in the app or as a ringtone. Please understand that we cannot use copyright protected sounds such as TV, Movies, or commercial music. We want our customers to be happy, and your constructive suggestions will make the app even better. We have already added tons of sounds based on requests, plus made tons of ringtones available, while keeping the same low price! And now you can select ZIP files with dozens of ringtones, rather than one-at-a-time. Plus you can now use the web instead of the iPhone to request ringtones! We hope you will agree that your app is a great value... and gets better all the time.

PLEASE TAKE A MOMENT TO POST A REVIEW on iTunes so we can continue to invest in making 100sounds even better!

RINGTONE INSTRUCTIONS: Applies to 100sounds, 100birds & 100animals! For AutoRingtone Custom Caller ID Talking TEXT-TO-SPEECH Ringtone Create, visit

While these apps are first and foremost soundboard (sound FX apps), a common request has been to use sounds as ringtones.
We aim to please, so now you can get 100's of ringtones... at no extra charge!

For 100sounds users, you can have a different ringtone for every day of the year!
We also added dozens of funny & musical clips (classical, jazz, country, rock) that make great ringtones!
NOTE: These are bonus ringtones in addition to the 100's of sound FX in the 100sounds app!

While NO APP IS ALLOWED TO INSTALL RINGTONES (after all, Apple sells ringtones for $1.29 each)
we have developed a way for you to retrieve 100's of ringtones by web or email!
We wish the process was easier but you can have 100's of ringtones on your Mac or PC in minutes using this method.

  1. Run the app & press the (i) button in the top right to see the Information page
  2. Press the rectangular 'Visit' button
  3. Enter your email address, agree to use ringtones for personal use and touch REGISTER FOR RINGTONES.

You can continue using your iPhone to select ringtones to be emailed to you,
or better yet, ON YOUR MAC OR PC, visit and click on
RINGTONES FOR REGISTERED USERS to download tons of ringtones to install
into iTunes and sync with your iPhone!

Everyday, 100's of users are successfully receiving 100's of ringtones this way.
If for ANY reason you can't, PLEASE EMAIL US but this process works if you follow these directions.

SOUNDBOARD INSTRUCTIONS: Applies to 100sounds, 100animals, & 100birds!

  1. DRAG FAVORITES TO THE TOP (in EDIT mode, drag 3 horizontal lines next to each sound) &
    hide others for a custom soundboard with 100's of sounds in the order you want using our easy, familiar interface!
  2. LOOP, DELAY & SHAKE-TO-PLAY (set shake settings on (i) info page)!
  3. Make sure your iPhone's Ringer switch (above the volume buttons) is NOT on MUTE!
Let us know of any additional sounds or ringtones you would like.
Please understand that we cannot use copyright-protected sounds. 
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