20 Best Phone Spy Apps Worth Your Money: Undetectable & Affordable

Our phones are a massive part of our daily lives, and there’s so much we can do with them. More importantly, smartphones allow us to connect with people online and access helpful content and information. 

However, the reality is that while our phones help us positively, they can also be tools for sinister practices in the hands of shady characters. Nowadays, our powerful and modern smartphones are enablers of harmful social vices like cyberbullying.

Since this negative trend is on the rise, it’s essential to protect yourself and your loved ones by any means necessary. One way to do that? Using phone spy apps. These applications grant you access to activities on other people’s phones before they become your problem.

In this guide, we’ll be highlighting the 20 best phone spy apps you can currently get to help you monitor a target device. The spyware helps to sieve out correct information to take the next best move in a situation.

What Are Phone Spy Apps?

Spy apps for mobile devices aren’t a new concept. These applications can gain unfettered access to a device’s storage and file directory. Upon data collation, spy apps send data to a remote location where you can see them without the owner knowing about it.

While their operations may sound sinister, spy apps for phones have legitimate usage cases. For instance, parents use them to monitor their kid’s online activities. Employers can also ensure that workers aren’t slacking off on their phones.

Why Use Mobile Spyware on Someone?

Spy apps have a controversial reputation due to their stealthy operations. They invade a smartphone’s data repository, often without the owner’s knowledge. Generally, it’s illegal to use a spy app on someone without their consent. However, there are exceptions to this rule in most cases. 

Legitimately, parents can use mobile spyware to track their ward’s activities on the Internet. The younger the children are, the more justified the parents use a spy app. Why? Because they cover the smartphone cost for the kids, and children themselves often have little idea of the potential dangers online. 

As an employer of labor, you can use spy apps to ensure productivity amongst staff. However, the phone spy apps must be on the company-given devices. That said, it’s pertinent to note that the employer can’t execute spying activities without employees’ consent.

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone for Free: Focal Points to Consider When Choosing a Spy App

If you’ve decided to spy on a cell phone, you must pick the correct application to help you out. With various free and paid options online, you’d have to consider specific criteria. 

Some of them are:

  • Compatibility

An excellent spy app has to be compatible with your device. Generally, the spyware vendor would specify the major OS classes consistent with their product. We recommend going for options with broader compatibility across mobile OSs and PCs.

  • Stealth Mode

Stealth mode is what makes a spyware app what it is. The product needs to be impossible to detect on the host device. An excellent spyware option does not leave installation files on the target device, making it difficult for the owner to see traces of its activities. 

  • List of Features

It’s best to check out the feature list of any spy app before you settle for it. Some fundamental features include call and text tracking. Premium spy apps may come with keylogger and screen recorder functions as well. 

  • Price and Quality Correlation

Another consideration to make while picking a spy app is its price to quality ratio. Typically, you could get some of the best spy apps for around $100 or less. However, you should get as many features to justify the asking price. 

Some spyware vendors may charge their rates based on the individual features, while others bundle it as a tiered subscription package. They also have a range of pricing plans from which you can choose. 

  • Ease of Use and Installation

Since spy apps are software with technical aspects, they may have some instructions for installation and usage. The best app to spy on phones should require little to no technological know-how. 

Furthermore, the spy app must field an intuitive and navigable user interface. With these add-ons in place, spy app usage isn’t daunting for the average person.

  • Customer Service
spy apps for phone

What happens if you come across installation issues while using a spy app? Since no spyware is perfect, your chosen vendor must have some level of customer service to help you before and after you purchase the product. You have access to customer support via live chat and email on revered spy app offerings.

These channels should be available to handle any troubleshooting you might need in the future. 

Note: Some of the most premium spy apps use the superior ticketing system to manage your support requests. Others have customer contact points by phone or email. 

  • Refund Policy

While refund policies aren’t a mandatory property for a spy app to have, it’s nice to consider it when checking out an option for your use. Some spyware vendors give up to a 14-day refund window for cases where you’re not satisfied with the product.

Notable Features on the Best Spy Apps

Some of the top spy features you can expect from an average spyware product include:

  • Phone Tracking. Spyware can access a target phone to capture its data. It includes infiltrating installed apps and parsing them through the file system.
  • Blocking Apps. Spy apps can also block installed apps on the target device. They could do that either by disabling the app from the root settings or hiding it, so the owner can’t access it. 
  • Texts and Calls Monitoring. In addition to data collection, spy apps can also monitor changes on the target phone. The application can watch real-time data streams such as incoming and outgoing calls and texts while alerting you of changes.
  • Control Apps and Programs. You can control the settings of apps within the target device using a spy app. Spyware allows you to alter configurations, allowing you to retrieve deleted data on the phone.
  • Record Someone’s Screen. Several premium spy apps enable you to record the activities on someone’s screen. You can store recordings in a video format for future reference.
  • View Multimedia Files. If the cell phone has multimedia files, spy apps can access them for you. Depending on the spyware, you can view multimedia files in various formats.
  • Monitor Internet Activity. Spy apps can view a target’s Internet activities in real-time. Beyond that, some options allow you to see historical data like the user’s most visited webpages and recently viewed sites, as well.
  • Read Their Emails. If the target has their email address logged into their smartphones, you can monitor their inbox with spy applications. These offerings give you information on their sent and received emails, complete with contact information and timestamps. 

What Are the Best Free Spy Apps for Android and iPhone?

With all the features you could get from an average spy app, you may want to know what spyware options are worth your money. 

Below are some of the best spy apps currently on the market:

mSpy spy app


The first entry on our list is mSpy, arguably the most famous spy app you can get. It’s premium spyware with several monitoring features ranging from call log tracking to screen recording.

Upon installation, you have unimpeded access to the following mSpy features:

  • Call monitoring 
  • Text message tracking
  • Third-party social media tracking
  • Installed app monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Keyword alerts
  • Additional device info and reporting

The spy software is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, you might need root or jailbreak access on both OSes to access all mSpy’s functions. 

Pricing for mSpy software starts at $48.99 a month. That said, you could also pay $27.99 monthly for a 3-month package and $11.99 per month for a 12-month subscription.

eyezy spy app


eyeZy is another spy app you can consider when searching for the best spyware to monitor someone’s device. Its focus is on parental control, but you can apply it to any smartphone you wish. Some of eyeZy’s top functions include:

  • Social Spotlight for social media tracking
  • Files Finder
  • Connection Blocker for monitoring Internet activities
  • Keystroke Capture
  • Pinpoint for location tracking
  • Geofencing

eyeZy supports iOS and Android smartphones with the option of jailbreak or iCloud sync installation. If you’ve got the same Wi-Fi network as the target device, eyeZy could also implement Local Sync over Wi-Fi.

eyeZy goes for $47.99 per month and $27.99 monthly if you choose the 3-month option. The 12-month option costs $9.99.

clevguard spy app


ClevGuard is capable spyware that can handle parental control and couple tracking scenarios with aplomb. It works remotely and is difficult to detect while in operation. Some of its key features include:

  • Mobile location tracking and geofencing
  • Apps and games blocking
  • SMS tracking
  • Social media messaging app tracking

ClevGuard is compatible with smartphones running iOS and Android. The software also has a compatibility checker on its main web page that gives you insight into whether your target device is supported or not.

ClevGuard has premium pricing plans that include a 1-month premium subscription that costs $48.99 per month and a quarterly program that starts from $27.99 monthly. You can also get the yearly plan for $11.66 per month.

umobix spy app


UMobix is a spy app with a unique 5-minute installation process, allowing anyone to track any smartphone they have quickly. 

What’s more? UMobix fields premium features available on modern spy apps. That said, its top functions include:

  • Call history tracking
  • GPS location monitoring
  • Settings control access
  • Remote camera and microphone streaming
  • Deleted file retrieval
  • Keylogger

If you use any modern Android or iOS device, you’d be glad to know UMobix supports them. You can choose a package that suits the target OS on their website. 

Additionally, UMobix has a separate Android and iOS pricing plan. The iOS version costs $139.92 if you pay for 12 months. Conversely, UMobix’s Android offering goes for $49.99 per month.

spyera spy app


Do you need an award-winning spy application for your monitoring needs? Spyera is an excellent option for you, as it has the recognition and features to be one of the best premium spyware currently on the market. The software has an intuitive web-based Control Panel that you can access remotely. 

Some of its main features include:

  • Live call recording
  • Live call listening
  • SMS Keyword Deletion
  • Keylogger
  • Call notification alert
  • Desktop screenshots
  • Browser activity tracking

Spyera works on any device running iOS and macOS, including iPads and MacBooks. It’s also compatible with Android phones and Windows PCs.

Furthermore, Spyera has a Smartphone package that starts at $89 per month and a Tablet version that costs $69 monthly.

If you want a Spyera subscription for your PC or Mac, you could get the Computer package for $49 a month or the All-in-one subscription that goes for $479 annually. Interestingly, each pricing option comes with a 10-day money-back guarantee.

spyic spy app


Spyic is another great spy app that prides itself as the definitive spy application for remote monitoring and parental control. It has an extensive array of spy add-ons and is virtually undetectable when operational. 

The following are some of Spyic’s main features:

  • Text messages monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Geofencing alerts
  • Website history monitoring
  • Facebook message tracking
  • SIM location monitoring
  • Stealth mode

Spyic is only compatible with any iPhone or Android device you might track. Furthermore, the spy application has 3 main pricing plans: Premium, Basic, and Family. The Premium subscription starts at $9.99 per month, but you’d have to pay $10.83 if you own an iPhone.

The Family plan costs $69.99 monthly for Android devices and $99.99 for iPhones. Lastly, the Essential Spyic plan costs $39.99 for Android, while iPhones get the Business subscription that starts at $399.99.

Each plan has a rare 60-day money-back guarantee. This add-on brings Spyic close to being one of the best free spy apps for Android and iPhone.

flexispy spy app


FlexiSPY is suitable for parental control and employee management. It’s also one of the few spy solutions that offer smartphones preinstalled with the monitoring application. 

Also, FlexiSPY supports remote installations for added convenience. Some of its top functions include:

  • Installed application monitoring
  • Phone call recording
  • Social media and IM tracking
  • Internet usage management
  • Alerts and security reports
  • Listening to the Environment

FlexiSPY is compatible with smartphones and PCs. It comes with a mobile viewer app for Android and iOS devices. You can also use the compatibility checker on the app’s webpage to see if it supports your phone. 

The software costs $29.95 per month for the Lite version and $68 per month for the Premium option. You can also get the Extreme FlexiSPY subscription that goes for $199 every three months.

msinspy spy app


If you’re getting into how to spy on a cell phone for the first time, Minspy is a spy app option you can consider. This intuitive spy offering allows you to see sensitive data like calls and texts on someone’s device. 

The following are the other key features you can expect from Minspy:

  • Remote call tracking
  • Keylogger for Android
  • Website history tracking
  • Geofence alerts
  • Social media apps spying

Whether the target is using an Android or iOS device, Minspy can trawl data from both OS variations seamlessly.

Minspy has an Android pricing plan that includes a Premium and Basic option, costing $9.99 and $39.99 per month, respectively. You can get the Android family package for $69.99 monthly as well. 

The iOS pricing starts at $10.83 monthly for the Premium subscription and $99.99 per month for the Family plan. If you prefer the Business plan, you’ll part with $399.99 per month.

mobistealth spy app


Sometimes, you might need a spy solution that doesn’t require you to root or jailbreak the target device. Well, Mobistealth is suited for such cases. This spy app also goes further to give you 24/7 surveillance. The app is also tamperproof, and you can access it remotely. 

Some of its main features include:

  • SMS and call monitoring
  • Location tracking
  • Chat messenger monitoring
  • Surround recordings
  • Keylogging
  • Gmail logging

Mobistealth is compatible with iOS and Android cell phones. You’d be happy to know that it supports PC and Mac computers as well.

Price-wise, Mobistealth has a Pro and Pro-X plan for Android devices. The Pro plan costs $69.99 per month, while the Pro-X is $59.90 monthly. Mobistealth has a Premium Plus subscription for iOS devices, and it starts at $16.66 a month. 

If you’ve got a PC or Mac, you’d have to pay $20 a month for the Pro plan. Mobistealth offers a 15-day money-back guarantee on every subscription plan.

xnspy spy app


XNSPY offers cutting-edge monitoring features to help you maintain a safer digital space at home or work. Some of XNSPY’s features include:

  • Surround recording
  • WhatsApp chat monitoring
  • Email tracking
  • Multimedia files and calendar monitoring
  • Wi-Fi/Network logs
  • Instant round-the-clock alerts 

XNSPY should work on Android devices starting from Android 4 and iOS devices from version 6. However, the application has a compatibility search bar to help you ascertain whether your devices would get support. 

XNSPY has a flat rate of $59.99 per month across all supported devices. 

cocospy spy app


Cocospy is a new and improved spy application you can download. It has an aesthetically pleasing website design and a remote app to capture all data on any smartphone you wish to track. 

Some of its unique features include:

  • Location tracking
  • Social media apps spying
  • Geofencing alerts
  • SIM location tracking
  • Web history monitoring
  • Stealth mode

Cocospy only supports Android and iOS devices. You must also note that you might need to jailbreak or root the target phone to get the full features.

Cocospy has an Android subscription package that includes a Premium and Basic option, and they cost $9.99 and $39.99 per month, respectively. You can also get the Android family plan for $69.99 monthly. 

Cocospy iOS pricing starts at $10.83 monthly for the Premium subscription and $99.99 per month for the Family plan. 

You may also consider the Business package, which would cost you $399.99 per month. It’s noteworthy that Cocospy also accepts Bitcoin payments.

spyier spy app


Are you concerned about your children or employees’ activities? Spyier allows you to monitor them secretly, so you can be sure they’re safe. 

The application supports remote installation on any cell phone, spyware free trial, and data collection. Some of its other top features include:

  • SIM location tracking
  • Stealth mode
  • Facebook message tracking
  • Location access
  • Spying phone tracker for call logs and texts

Spyier works on Android and iOS devices. However, you must ensure that the target device runs a recent OS version. 

Furthermore, Spyier has a premium Android monitoring plan that costs $9.99 a month. You can also choose from the Basic or Family option, which goes for $39.99 and $69.99 per month, respectively.

Also, you can get Spyier’s iPhone premium package that starts at $10.83 monthly. If you’re looking for something higher, the Family and Business plans go for $99.99 and $399.99 a month each. 

ikeymonitor spy app


iKeyMonitor is another easy-to-use spy application that enables you to access most modern PCs and smartphones. Its foolproof system and intuitive interface make it convenient for anyone looking to spy on their kids or cheating spouses. 

The following are the top iKeyMonitor features:

  • Keystroke tracking
  • Clipboard access
  • GPS tracking
  • Phone surroundings recording
  • Remote camera capture
  • Call history logs

iKeyMonitor supports all iOS devices from iOS 9 and Android smartphones from Android 2.3. You can also use the spyware on macOS 7+ or Windows 7 to 10.

iKeyMonitor has two plans: Family and Business. The Family plan should augur nicely with those interested in knowing if there is a free app to spy on someone’s phone. However, you’d have to pay $9.99 every 3 days to access certain add-ons. 

The Business subscription costs $9.99 monthly for each device. However, this service requires a minimum of 20 machines for the subscription.

hoverwatch spy app


Advertised as parental control software, Hoverwatch offers some of the best tracking features you can get on a spyware app. The system is also foolproof, so you don’t have to worry that the target person will detect and delete the app. 

Some of the main functions you’d get on Hoverwatch includes:

  • Track Facebook messages
  • SMS tracking
  • Phone location monitoring
  • SIM card change detection
  • To-do list monitoring
  • Standard call tracking

Hoverwatch is compatible with Android, Windows, and macOS devices. However, this spyware isn’t available on iOS devices yet.

Hoverwatch’s pricing plan includes the Personal, Professional, and Business packages. The Personal program starts at $24.95/month, while the Professional package goes for $9.99 per month. 

You can also enter the Business plan for $6 monthly, supporting up to 25 devices. 



Qustodio is an all-in-one spy app that enjoys usage across millions of devices. The idea is to remotely track screen activities and control specific settings on a target device. 

The following are some of Qustodio’s top features:

  • App filters
  • Activity monitoring
  • Screen time limits 
  • Family location tracking
  • Reports, alerts, and SOS

Qustodio has arguably the broadest compatibility range for most spy apps. It supports Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac. It’s also usable on niche OSs like Chrome OS and Kindle. However, some of the spy app’s unique features are only live on Android devices.

Qustodio has 3 different pricing plans: Medium, Small, and Large. The Medium package starts at $96.95 per year, and the Small plan costs $54.95 annually. Qustodio charges $137.95 yearly for the Large plan.

wispy spy app


Wispy is more suited if you wish to catch anyone into romance scamming. The features allow you to sneak into a target’s smartphone and see what they’ve been up to with other people. Wispy’s top features include:

  • Social media monitoring
  • Web browser history tracking
  • Saved photos monitoring
  • Voice message recording
  • Text message spying
  • Wi-Fi logging

Wispy is only available on Android at the moment. You can get the spy app in 3 pricing plans: Basic, Premium, and Platinum. 

The Basic package starts at $8.33 per month, while the Premium option commands $13.33 monthly. You’d have to pay $19.99 for the Platinum Wispy plan. 

theonespy spy app


TheOneSpy is one of the more economical spy apps on the market. With 250+ spy features, parents and entrepreneurs get more bang for their money. 

TheOneSpy has the following features:

  • Mic/Camera bugging
  • Keylogger
  • Social media monitoring
  • Live screen recording
  • Live 360 streaming
  • Password chaser

TheOneSpy has standard compatibility for Android, iOS, and Windows computers. You can get the TheOneSpy Android premium edition for $13.70 a month or the Xlite version for $6.25. If you have an iPhone, you’d have to pay $55.01 a month for TheOneSpy.

Furthermore, TheOneSpy is available on Mac for $55.01 and Windows for $40.01 monthly. You get a 14-day money-back guarantee for whichever plan you choose.

spyzie spy app


Spyzie is a no-frills spy app you can download today. The spyware is better suited to employers and parents who want to stay ahead of the curve. It’s also quick to set up and use, with minimal technical details. Some of Spyzie defining features include:

  • Call log sorting
  • SMS monitoring
  • Social media spying
  • Website history tracking
  • Geofencing alerts

You can use Spyzie if you’ve got an Android or iOS smartphone. Also, Spyzie features a premium Android monitoring plan that costs $9.99 monthly. You can also choose from the Basic or Family option, which starts at $39.99 and $69.99 per month, respectively.

If you’d get Spyzie’s iPhone premium package, you’ll pay $10.83 monthly. That said, there’s a family plan ($99.99 per month) and a Business plan capped at $399.99 monthly.

iSpyoo spy app


iSpyoo features a familiar spy app interface that’s functional and intuitive. This app allows you to create a free account before subscribing, an excellent idea for those looking to try out the features before paying. 

Some of the functions include:

  • Call log reviewing
  • SMS tracking
  • App usage report
  • Keylogger
  • Image viewer and downloader

iSpyoo is compatible with Android and iOS devices. However, you may have to root or jailbreak your device to get the app’s full features. 

iSpyoo costs $48.99 for the one-month Premium plan. While the 3-month package goes for $27.99 monthly, the annual subscription is $11.66 monthly.

cerberus spy app


Cerberus is a unique spy app you can use to access a target device. This spyware has an anti-theft service to monitor a smartphone. 

Some of its main features include:

  • App usage statistics
  • Location Tracking
  • Geofencing and alerts
  • Remote Unix Shell
  • Remote SMS control

Cerberus is usable on Android and iOS devices. You can get the spyware on a per-device basis. This spyware charges €5 annually for a device, €14 for 3 phones, and €22.50 annually for 5 devices. You can also get a subscription for ten devices for €43 per year.

If you need Cerberus for more than 10 phones, you can call their support lines.


Are Spy Apps Legal?

The legality of spy apps is somewhat gray-zoned, as different countries have varying provisions concerning this activity. 
In the US, only parents can operate spyware on their ward’s phones without restrictions. You’ll require the consent of those aged 18 and above. However, we recommend going through local laws to certify what’s obtainable.

Where Is the Data From the Monitored Phone Stored?

Once you start receiving data from the target device, the information gets stored remotely. Most spy apps allow you to send the collected data on a dedicated server which you can access from a web-based dashboard.

How Much Time Does It Take to Spy on a Phone?

Generally, you’d only need about 5 minutes between initial setup and spying on a target device. However, the process might take a bit longer if you’ve got to jailbreak or root a user’s cell phone.

Is Jailbreaking or Rooting the Phone Required?

Yes, it is. Most premium spy applications need access to the target device’s root folders and configurations to work correctly. 
However, this doesn’t mean you must jailbreak or root the phone. Upon installation, most spyware will let you use peripheral monitoring functions without these prerequisites.

Is There an App I Can Use to Spy on a Phone for Free?

No, there’s no such thing as spying on a cell phone for free. You need to buy the software and make sure you get it from a trusted source. There are too many scammers out there, and they constantly come up with new name-brand apps that look official but, in reality, have been designed to take your money and give you nothing in return. Don’t fall for these trap games when learning how to spy on someone’s phone for free! If anyone ever offers you a spy app that doesn’t cost anything, just leave immediately.

Final Thoughts

You might need to track and spy on someone for various reasons. Whether you’re a parent looking to protect your ward on the Internet or an employer seeking a higher baseline, spyware use has become almost non-negotiable in today’s world.

Seeing so many app options on the market, we’ve compiled a mega list of the 20 premium spy apps you can find. Our selection covers a broad range of smartphone and computer models you might want to track.

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