10 Best Snapchat Spy Apps: Viable Mediums for Efficient Snapchat Monitoring in 2022

Social media channels are the bane of communication in this day and age. Every minute, billions of messages are exchanged seamlessly around the globe. To meet this growing demand, tons of social networks are springing up, offering unique offerings. 

Despite the saturated nature of this market, one option, since inception, has made an indelible mark in patrons’ hearts due to its seamless social messaging and photo-sharing capabilities – Snapchat. 

Refusing to sell to industry giant Facebook on several occasions, Snapchat has shown that collaboration isn’t a must. Staying true to its course, this social network now has 319 million daily users worldwide. 

Despite the wonders of Snapchat in the photo-sharing scene, it has become a hub for vices like cyberbullying and sexting. Therefore, the question – can you spy on someone else’s Snapchat? – comes into view. 

Fortunately, with the best Snapchat spy apps, you can perform this activity without hassles. Using spyware, you can see what your kid, employee, or spouse does from a remote location without them knowing. 

In this encompassing guide, we’ll look at the significant functionalities of Snapchat and the top 10 alternatives you can trust in 2022. 

Without further ado, let’s get the stage set.

What Is a Snapchat Spy App?

Snapchat spy apps are forms of spyware that operate stealthily on numerous devices, including smartphones and PCs. Since these apps field 100% stealth mode, the target doesn’t know you’re monitoring them.

Using Snapchat spyware, you can get Snapchat data from the tracked device without issues. However, it’s important to note that these apps might be suitable for select OS’s. Therefore, before installing a Snapchat spy app on the target’s cell phone, ensure the app can work seamlessly on the device’s operating system.

While you’ll need physical access to install this app at first, going through this process stealthily will grant you unfettered access to the target’s smartphone 24/7. These apps will upload data to your dedicated dashboard to make things easier. 

With Snapchat spy apps, you have access to these bits of information:

  • Call logs
  • Call recordings
  • Images, videos, stickers, and GIFs
  • Exchanged messages

IMPORTANT: While Android phones require rooting for Snapchat spy apps to work as intended, you can track iOS devices using the owner’s iCloud credentials. However, an active iCloud backup and inactive 2FA authentication module are prerequisites for this to work. 

How to Spy on Snapchat Without Them Knowing: Worthy Reasons to Monitor a Person’s Snapchat Account

Snapchat has become a top photo-sharing app in the last five years. Although this medium has been an excellent venture for seamless exchange, Snapchat has become a hub of illicit activities, including cheating, sexting, and cyberbullying. 

Thus, it’s no surprise why people are making tons of Google searches in the lines of – how to spy on someone’s Snapchat without them knowing? 

That said, are you itching to know why people resort to Snapchat spying? Ride along as we take you through some popular reasons:

  • Monitor Kids

Being a parent is one of the most challenging jobs to perform on the planet, as you have to ensure your kids are out of harm’s way 24/7. With cyberbullying reigning supreme on Snapchat, despite the operator’s efforts to erase this act in its entirety, you’d need to be eagle-eyed. 

To achieve this without coming off as overbearing, you can simply engage the services of a Snapchat spyware online to monitor their actions stealthily. With spy apps, you can view chats, images, videos, GIFs, and stickers they’ve exchanged while on the platform.

Using VoIP call recording on the sophisticated spyware offerings, you can listen to their conversations, despite Snapchat’s end-to-end encryption. Now, you can take action when things are about to head south. 

  • Catch a Cheating Partner

Do you think your partner is cheating on you? Although this might be your gut feeling, it’s best to check things out. So, instead of making Internet queries relating to the “free app to spy on Snapchat,” it’s time to set your sights on paid and proven spyware suited for Snapchat monitoring. 

Once you’ve fulfilled installation caveats, you can now see what your partner’s doing on their Snapchat profile 24/7. With this app functional on their device, activating the keylogging feature to see the messages they send is an increased possibility.

Since Snapchat spy apps offer call tracking, you can see who they’ve spoken to recently and the periods these conversations took place. Now, you can confront them with rock-solid evidence if these exchanges were indeed sinister.

  • Track Employees

In every business venture, the goal is to yield profits no matter how daunting it might seem. However, it’s vital to note that workers are now becoming complacent in executing their duties with the advent of social media channels. As an employer of labor, you’d want to dispel this aspect as complacency is bound to spell doom for your firm. 

To do this, you might want to install Snapchat spy apps on company devices. Since these applications work in the background, employees can continue their usual activities without raising an eyebrow.

While you might have hardworking employees, you can detect those who aren’t contributing anything positive to the firm’s bottom line. With most Snapchat spyware integrating message tracking, you’ll come across those spilling out company secrets to the competition. Using these data bits, you can discipline culprits and promote those who are deserving. 

IMPORTANT: Regardless of your reasons for spying on a person’s Snapchat, ensure you check local laws surrounding this activity. While you can spy on your ward’s cell phone without repercussions, you’ll need to inform those aged 18 and above of your intentions, as per US law.

How to See Other People’s Snapchat History: What Exactly Can a Snapchat Spy App Track?

By engaging a Snapchat spy app, you have access to a truckload of features crucial in monitoring the focal aspects of a target’s device, including:

  • Snapchat Messages

Are you anxious for some insight on how to spy on Snapchat messages without getting caught? If you are, Snapchat monitoring apps are the way to go.

snapchat messages

With spyware geared towards Snapchat monitoring on the tracked cell phone, you’ll encounter these chats alongside their timelines. While some Snapchat users might decide to be crafty by deleting messages, there’s no need to fret as Snapchat spyware can retrieve their contents without hassles. 

  • Sent and Received Media

Snapchat majors as a photo-sharing service, so it’ll be criminal that an acclaimed Snapchat spy app finds it challenging to extract multimedia, such as images, GIFs, & stickers. 

sent and received media

Fortunately, the best Snapchat spy application can go through the target’s device to retrieve media files (sent and received) on their Snapchat accounts. With these apps, you’ll get up to speed with deleted Snaps.

  • Contacts

Whether it’s video or voice calls, the revered Snapchat spy apps have a reputation for monitoring a user’s call. The top alternatives go the extra mile with a VoIP call recording feature. Now, you can hear the target’s discussion with a contact centered around.


With Snapchat spyware working as intended on a cell phone, you’ll see the details of the contact. Now, you can confront your ward, employee, or partner with rock-solid evidence concerning their Snapchat activities.

  • Take Screenshots

Another aspect where Snapchat spy apps excel is in the area of taking screenshots. Snapchat notifies users when someone takes a screenshot of their Snap or profile. 

However, with Snapchat spyware in the mix, you can take screenshots of profiles and Snaps that tickle your fancy without having to explain yourself at any point. 

How to Use the mSpy App to Spy on Snapchat: Vital Steps for Efficiency and Effectiveness

Snapchat monitoring app

To monitor a target’s Snapchat account, engaging a top Snapchat monitoring app like mSpy is bound to give you desired results. 

To get started with mSpy, follow these steps:

  1. Head to the mSpy official site. Once you’re on the homepage, click the legible “Try Now” icon located at the top right corner.
  2. Create an account with your chosen email address. Check on the T&Cs box below and tap on “Try Now.
  3. Select the target’s device. Afterward, choose a subscription plan that augurs your finances.
  4. Once you’ve completed the payment process, mSpy will email you installation procedures.
  5. Read through this guide carefully and install the mSpy app on the target’s device.
  6. Log into your mSpy account and head to the Control Panel upon installation. Now, you’ll see all outgoing Snapchat data coming from the target’s smartphone.

While mSpy comes out as #1 in Snapchat monitoring, this spy app is versatile. mSpy gives you access to a person’s real-time location, messages, call logs, and multimedia files.

IMPORTANT: mSpy might have a specific installation procedure, depending on the device. Users should be aware that access to some features could require root (Android) or jailbreak (iOS).

How to Spy on Someone’s Snapchat: 10 Best Spy Apps Geared Towards Snapchat Spying

If you make a Google or Bing search in these lines – how to see other people’s Snapchat history? – you’ll come across tons of search results, all giving credence to peculiar spyware. 

While most of these alternatives might look legit on the surface, they’re usually phony offerings seeking ways to rid users of their hard-earned money.

We don’t want this for you. Thus, after extensive research on mediums with a proven track record, we came up with a listing of Snapchat spy apps you can trust in 2022. 

Notable mentions include:

snapchat spy app mspy


Setting up mSpy on the target device takes less than 5 minutes. Take a peek at this instructional video for some insight into how you can get started on mSpy.

Upon installation, mSpy grants you access to a unique Control Panel. Here, data from the target’s device will appear neatly, allowing you to sift out Snapchat details without hassles. mSpy also ensures you stay updated, as it adds new bits of information every 5 minutes.

If you come across issues while using the mSpy app, there’s 24/7 customer service available to cater to your every need. 

The mSpy app is compatible with Android and iOS cell phones. However, prospective mSpy users should note that jailbreak (iOS devices) and root (Android devices) are prerequisites for seamless Snapchat monitoring.

mSpy has a decent pricing scheme as a one-month plan will see you part with $48.99. That said, you can opt for a three-month subscription ($27.99/month) or the annual package capped at $11.66 per month.

Main Features of the App

With mSpy, you have access to these features:

  • Message Monitoring

With mSpy, you can track sent and received messages on the Snapchat platform. Albeit a nifty feature, mSpy steps up the ante by issuing timestamps on Snapchat chats. 

  • Multimedia File Tracking

Using mSpy, you have unimpeded access to a user’s Snapchat pictures, videos, GIFs, & stickers. That said, you also have access to Snaps deleted on the target’s device. 

  • Keylogger

The keylogger add-on on mSpy lets you see what message a person’s curating on Snapchat.


✅ Numerous Snapchat spying features

✅ Responsive 24/7 customer support service

✅ Compatible with iOS and Android smartphones

✅ Dedicated Control Panel is clutter-free

✅ Convenient installation process

✅ The annual package is cost-effective


❌ There’s no free trial in the mix

❌ Jailbreak and root required for iOS and Android devices, respectively


Like mSpy, getting started on the eyeZy app is easy and convenient. To this effect, eyeZy has integrated a Friendly Installer that makes the installation process on the target’s device go on smoothly. Regarding support, eyeZy has a 24/7 customer service team available to provide prompt resolutions to your nagging concerns. 

One area where eyeZy trumps the competition is in its unique AI creation. With this software in the mix, eyeZy users don’t need to check their dashboard regularly as they’ll receive alerts once the target is doing something wrong on the Snapchat app.

eyeZy is compatible with iOS and Android devices. That said, those who are unsure can check if the target cell phone is consistent with the eyeZy app at the “Check Compatibility” segment. 

Speaking of pricing, the subscription packages on the eyeZy platform have a 30% discount pre-applied. Here, a monthly plan goes for $47.99. If you’d like something more elaborate, you can enter a 3-month subscription package capped at $27.99 monthly or the 12-month package at $9.99 per month.

Main Features of the App

Using the eyeZy Snapchat spy app, you can access these features:

  • Screen Recorder

Using this add-on, you can screen record the target’s actions using the Snapchat application. You can access these records on your unique dashboard whenever you deem fit.

  • View Their Private Chats

While Snapchat ranks high for its tight encryption, you can view the sent and received Snapchat messages on a person’s cell phone. You’ll have seamless access to the user’s chats, regardless of when they happen.

  • See Their Media Files

eyeZy acts as your “eyes” when it comes to media files on the target’s device. Using this service, Snapchat images, GIFs, videos, and stickers from the tracked cell phone are accessible by you 24/7.


✅Easy Installer makes installation a breeze

✅ Round-the-clock customer support

✅ Work seamlessly on Android and iOS devices

✅ Bank-grade encryption employed during file transfer

✅ Decent array of Snapchat spying functions


❌ Some features require jailbreak and root

❌ 1-month plan isn’t the most cost-effective out there

cocospy spy app


To use Cocospy, all you need to do is create an account, subscribe, and install on the target’s device. 

Afterward, you can commence Snapchat monitoring. If you encounter any clogs during this process, Cocospy has responsive customer support channels, ready to attend to your needs 24/7.

With Cocospy, navigability is a constant. When you log into your dedicated dashboard, you’ll notice one thing – intuitiveness. Nothing’s cluttered here, and you can find specific details instantly. 

Also, Cocospy grants users the luxury of spying on unrooted Android devices. However, it’s important to note that Cocospy demands a jailbreak to commence Snapchat-related monitoring on iOS cell phones.

As it stands, Cocospy has three subscription packages: Premium ($9.99 monthly), Basic ($39.99 monthly), and Family ($69.99 monthly). That said, Cocospy strikes a futuristic stance as it allows Bitcoin payments.

Main Features of the App

Cocospy excels in Snapchat monitoring. Using this spy app, you have access to these notable add-ons:

  • Read Messages

Cocospy allows you to read messages on the target’s Snapchat. Using this spy app, you’ll have access to the timestamps accompanying these messages. 

  • In-built Stealth Mode

With Cocospy, you can track a user’s Snapchat activity stealthily. Once installed on a device, it retrieves information without leaving a trail. 

Now, the target can use their cell phones unaware that you’re monitoring their Snapchat actions and inactions from a remote location.


✅ Operates stealthily in the background

✅ Responsive customer service

✅ 60-day money-back guarantee

✅ Encrypts information sent to your dashboard

✅ See timestamps on Snapchat messages

✅ Has a no-root solution for Android devices


❌ Snapchat spying functionalities aren’t available on non-jailbroken iOS devices

❌ Subscriptions are slightly expensive

flexispy spy app


FlexiSPY ranks as one of the best Snapchat spy apps for parents. Understanding the need to shield kids from the vices of social media, FlexiSPY has gone the extra mile to make its offerings accessible on Android, PC, and iOS devices.

Releasing updates regularly to meet clients’ needs, this spy app ensures that 100% stealth is a constant. Once installed on the target’s cell phone, FlexiSPY becomes invisible. That said, clients can step things up a notch as the FlexiSPY express service delivers phones with the FlexiSPY app pre-installed to unsuspecting targets. 

To get you abreast of the app’s offerings, FlexiSPY has a demo mode available. Unlike the offerings of most spy apps, this add-on gives you a comprehensive look at how monitoring takes place once you’ve installed FlexiSPY on the target’s device. 

To engage in real-time monitoring with FlexiSPY, you’ll have to subscribe. On FlexiSPY, you can enter one of three major plans: Lite ($29.95 monthly), Premium ($68 per month), and Extreme ($199 monthly). 

Main Features of the App

FlexiSPY provides a rich set of Snapchat monitoring features, including:

  • Access to Snapchat Messages

FlexiSPY allows you to read Snapchat messages 24/7. This spy app can also retrieve deleted messages. With FlexiSPY, you don’t miss out on any Snapchat chat.

  • Set Keyword Alerts

Still, in the Snapchat message arena, FlexiSPY allows you to flag specific keywords. You’ll receive an instant notification if these words appear during a discussion. 

  • Monitor Snapchat Activity

FlexiSPY tracks the activities of mobile applications on the target device. This add-on means you can decipher when the target opens and closes the Snapchat app. Also, you’ll know how much time they spent on the app.


✅ Compatible on Android, iOS, and PC

✅ Seamless installation process

✅ Set keywords and get instant alerts when used

✅ Multilingual platform

✅ Regular updates to augur OS specifics

✅ Sends remote commands 


❌ Extreme subscription is pricey

❌ Occasional notification delays

snapchat spy app ikeymonitor


iKeyMonitor ranks as easy and convenient spyware curated for parents to monitor their kids’ activities on Snapchat. Supporting numerous languages, iKeyMonitor reeks of inclusivity all around. 

iKeyMonitor installation on the target’s device doesn’t require anything out of the ordinary. To achieve 100% stealth, this spyware camouflages itself as a system app on the target’s cell phone. With this nifty feature, the possibility of uninstallation on the tracked device is almost non-existent. 

iKeyMonitor is a “jack of all trades” as you can access its offerings on Android, iOS, Windows, and macOS. With iKeyMonitor, the possibilities are endless!

If you’re interested in how to spy on someone’s Snapchat for free, iKeyMonitor is an excellent alternative as it offers a free plan that grants you access to premium features. When the free trial expires, iKeyMonitor has two subscription packages available: Family ($16.66 monthly) and Business ($9.9 monthly).

Main Features of the App

With iKeyMonitor, you have access to stellar Snapchat monitoring features, including:

  • Keylogger

This iKeyMonitor feature gives you an insight into what keystrokes the target’s making on the Snapchat app.

  • Screenshot Tool

With this feature, you can snap delicate Snapchat conversations and save them for future reference. 

  • Access to Snapchat Messages

Besides access to the incoming and outgoing chats on Snapchat, iKeyMonitor gives you some context as to what periods these messages were sent or received.


✅ Has a free Snapchat tracker service available

✅ Supports multiple languages

✅ 24/7 live chat support

✅ 100% Stealth mode to prevent unauthorized uninstallations

✅ View on-screen activities as a slideshow

✅ Budget-friendly subscription plans


❌ Root required to spy on target’s Snapchat

spyic spy app


Numerous persons with spying aspirations turn towards Spyic due to stellar reviews from respected companies like Forbes. 

Once Spyic is installed on the target’s device, there’s almost no indication of its presence as it works in the background. Therefore, Spyic is an excellent option for those who want to monitor the Snapchat activities of their ward, spouse, or employee without them knowing. 

Spyic works seamlessly on Android and iOS devices. While the former doesn’t require rooting for access to Snapchat spying add-ons, it’s a different ball game for iOS phones as only jailbroken versions can engage these features.

Spyic installation on the target cell phone doesn’t pose any difficulty. To ensure you address your nagging concerns during this process speedily, Spyic integrates 24/7 customer support. 

Since the available channels are responsive, you can immediately commence spying-related tasks. 

Spyic doesn’t intend to create a hole in your finances as it fields cost-effective subscription packages. Here, you have two alternatives: Premium ($9.99/month) and Basic ($39.99/ month).

Main Features of the App

These are the most vital Snapchat spying features on the Spyic application:

  • Read Snapchat Texts 

Spyic grants you access to the Snapchat messages on the target’s device. This spy app curates a list of sent and received messages, accessible on your dedicated Spyic dashboard.

  • Contact Tracking

Since Snapchat supports video and voice calls, Spyic gives you details of people the target has contacted recently.

  • Timestamps

Get hold of the target’s activities on the Snapchat app at all times. With Spyic, you know where a chat started and ended, complete with corresponding timestamps.


✅ 60-day money-back guarantee

✅ Seamless registration and installation process

✅ Efficient 24/7 customer support

✅ Works as intended on Android and iOS devices

✅ Many features for unrooted Android devices


❌ Non-jailbroken iOS devices can’t access certain features

snapchat spy app highster mobile

Highster Mobile

Featured on the timelines of notable media outlets like the New York Times, Highster Mobile has become the go-to monitoring alternative for parents who want to stay abreast of their ward’s actions on Snapchat.

With Highster Mobile’s easy setup, you can easily monitor the target’s device and get Snapchat data. Unlike some other spy apps, Highster Mobile doesn’t require root (Android devices) or jailbreak (iOS phones) to take on Snapchat spying. 

If you encounter any hitches while using the Highster Mobile app, you can always rely on customer support to give fitting answers to your queries. 

While Highster Mobile doesn’t offer a free trial, you can access decent subscription packages. Here, there’s a basic plan that costs $2.99 monthly. However, since some features aren’t available on this plan, we advise going for the Pro plan at $6.99 per month.

Main Features of the App

Highster Mobile aims to give you a pleasant Snapchat spying experience with these add-ons:

  • GPS Tracking

Highster Mobile, while excelling in Snapchat tracking, goes further to give you the real-time location of your ward, partner, or employee. 

  • Monitor Snapchat Messages

With Highster Mobile, you have round-the-clock access to the target’s Snapchat messages. That said, this spy app ensures that nothing is hidden from you as it sifts out deleted chats.

  • Media Monitoring

Snapchat, since its creation, has thrived on offering a photo-sharing service. With Highster Mobile, you can see the exchanged Snapchat images, videos, and GIFs on the target cell phone.


✅ Works on iOS, Android, macOS, and Windows

✅ Great customer service

✅ Root and jailbreak isn’t necessary for monitoring Snapchat 

✅ Affordable subscription plans

✅ w2kq1A stealth camera takes shots of the target’s immediate environment


❌ It doesn’t offer a free trial

auto forward snapchat spy app

Auto Forward

The market for cell phone monitoring apps is growing, and Auto Forward is a Snapchat spy app that seeks to meet the needs of intending patrons. With 1,000,000+ users worldwide, Auto Forward is compatible with iOS and Android devices.

Auto Forward doesn’t require physical contact with the target’s device. The spy app will send an OTA (Over The Air) link to commence spying activities. Afterward, Auto Forward extracts data on the cell phone, including messages, calls, and multimedia files. Easy-peasy!

To view information gotten from someone’s phone, just log into your account, and you’ll see data arranged neatly for your perusal. 

With Auto Forward, you don’t have to worry about high subscription costs as you can choose the Basic plan worth just $2.99 monthly or the Pro package capped at $6.99 monthly.

Main Features of the App

Auto Forward grants you access to these features:

  • Monitor Running Applications

This add-on lets you see what applications run on the target’s smartphone. If the Snapchat app ranks amongst those running, you can quickly check what the person’s doing within the app.

  • Search Alerts

Here, all you need to do is curate a keyword. When it appears during a Snapchat conversation, the app notifies you immediately.

  • Remote Uninstall

You can remove the Snapchat app from the target cell phone remotely. That said, this add-on extends to other software on that person’s device.


✅ It doesn’t require physical access

✅ Easy installation process

✅ Decent subscription plans

✅ Free lifetime upgrades upon subscription

✅ Intuitive online dashboard


❌ The call recording feature is unavailable

❌ No 24/7 customer support

umobix spy app


If you have learned how to track Snapchat conversations and you’d like to take things to the next level, now’s the time to set your sights on uMobix. 

Setting up uMobix doesn’t require tech-savvy skills, as you can get started in less than 5 minutes. The uMobix spy app offers a “Demo” add-on that gives you context into its functionalities. This Snapchat spyware is also available on Android and iOS devices. 

Although we’d have loved uMobix to field a free trial like some other spy apps, the pricing is decent, given the vast array of features it has up its sleeves. Here, you can subscribe to the one-month plan for $49.99. 

If the uMobix’ service tickles your fancy and you’d like to extend, there’s a quarterly plan going for $29.99 per month. Alternatively, there’s a yearly package that goes for $11.66 monthly.

Main Features of the App

uMobix has these notable Snapchat spying features in its resume:

  • See Disappearing Photos

On Snapchat, people can post pictures and make them disappear after a specific timeline. With uMobix, extracting these images when they become unavailable is possible.

  • Location Sharing History

uMobix allows you to check if your ward or spouse shares their location with someone else. Now, you can take action before things blow out of proportion. 

  • See Multimedia Files

As long as it’s an image, photo, GIF, or sticker on the target’s Snapchat account, you have remote access to them with uMobix.


✅ It has a futuristic outlay

✅ Available on Android and iOS

✅ Demo mode available

✅ Responsive live chat support

✅ Excellent Snapchat spying features


❌ Non-jailbroken iOS cell phones can’t access certain features

xnspy snapchat spy app


XNSPY ranking 10th on our listing doesn’t take the shine away from its offerings. Specifically crafted for parents and employers looking to monitor their wards and employees, respectively, XNSPY has become the poster boy for the spy app variety. With over 30 features available, it’s no surprise why XNSPY has taken a large chunk of the cell phone monitoring market. 

Working in 100% stealth mode, XNSPY gets Snapchat data from the target device seamlessly. As the spy app collates this information, it makes them accessible on your dedicated dashboard. 

One thing that caught our eyes with XNSPY is its intuitive nature. On your Control Panel, a clutter-free data arrangement reigns supreme, making it easier to go through and sieve out information that interests you.

The pricing of XNSPY doesn’t raise the roof. XNSPY offers two subscription packages: Premium ($7.49 per month) and Basic ($4.99 monthly). 

Main Features of the App

XNSPY makes Snapchat spying convenient with these features:

  • Calls and Surround Recording 

When the target is on a Snapchat call, you can turn on XNSPY’s recorder remotely and hear their discussions.

  • Keyword Alerts

XNSPY allows you to flag one or several words on the target’s device. If these words appear during Snapchat discussions, you’ll be alerted immediately.

  • Keylogger

See keystrokes made by the target on the Snapchat app. Now, you can decipher what messages they were trying to pass across even if they decide to delete them later on.


✅ Compatible with Android and iOS devices

✅ Three-step installation process

✅ Clutter-free Control Panel

✅ Garners data stealthily in the background

✅ Responsive and courteous customer support


❌ There’s no round-the-clock support channel

❌ The 1-month plan is expensive

❌ It isn’t compatible with PCs


Is It Legal to Spy on Snapchat?

It is legal to monitor Snapchat on iPhone and Android phones only when the target is your child and under 18 years of age. You’d require the permission of those aged 18 and above.

Can I Read Someone’s Snapchat Messages for Free?

While certain apps tag themselves as free, it’s important to note that most are fake. You can opt for the free trial service of iKeyMonitor if you’d like to read someone’s Snapchat messages for free. 
However, note that you’ll need to enter a subscription plan once the free trial period expires.

Will They Know That You Are Spying on Their Snapchat?

The aforementioned Snapchat spy apps are stealthy in their operations. Thus, the target doesn’t know you’re spying on them remotely.

Will I Need to Touch Their Phone to Spy on Their Snapchat Account?

You’d only require access to the target device during spy app installation. Afterward, you can get Snapchat data without physical access.

Can I Read the Vanished and Deleted Messages of Someone’s Snapchat Through These Apps?

Yes, Snapchat spy apps can detect selected messages upon installation. However, note that you can’t extract messages deleted before the spy app’s installation.

Final Thoughts

With the adverse vices prevalent on Snapchat today, most people are turning towards spy apps to monitor the activities of their wards, spouses, and employees.

Thankfully, there is a truckload of Snapchat spy apps available to meet the growing demand. While mSpy clinches the #1 spot, the other alternatives on our top 10 list are worth a trial. 

While spying might be reasonable in specific scenarios, ensure that you aren’t compromising people’s privacy. Thus, we recommend going through local laws to see what’s obtainable.

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