How Can I Spy on a Cell Phone Without Installing Software on the Target Phone?

According to a recent report by Statista, over 6 billion people use smartphones, with the bulk of users coming from China, India, and the United States. Although this is a 2022 value, subsequent projections show an upward progression. Thus, it’s clear for all to see that smartphones are here to stay.

The advent of smartphones made things easier for us to connect seamlessly with friends and family 24/7. With these pocket-sized devices, there’s no need to carry our bulky PCs around. Talk about comfort and ease!

Despite its goodness, smartphones are becoming the go-to medium for executing fraudulent acts and other sinister tendencies. To guarantee the safety of relatives and loved ones, people are turning towards cell phone monitoring.

Spying on smartphones has grown in popularity over the past few years. In light of this, we’ve seen many people asking – how can I spy on a cell phone without installing software on the target phone? 

The good news is that you can do this without breaking a sweat. Below, we’ll show you how. Let’s get started.

How to Spy on a Cell Phone Without Access: Is It Possible?

Would you like to know how to spy on a cell phone without access? If your answer is positive, there’s good news – it’s possible. This segment will examine the top two OSs in the smartphone world – iOS and Android.

Despite the security add-ons on iPhones and other iOS devices, it’s possible to spy on them without having physical access. Is this rocket science? Not at all. Let’s see how you can perform this act without hassles.


For iOS devices, all you need is the iCloud credentials of the intended target. Using your preferred spy app, input these details, and almost immediately, you should be able to garner personal information from the target. 

What’s more? Since you’re doing all these remotely, you don’t have to go through the hoops of jailbreaking the target device. Easy-peasy! 


Now that you know how to spy on an iPhone without the target phone, you’re probably itching to see if you can use a similar method on Android devices. 

After taking a peek at numerous methods, we came up to speed with the fact that spying on an Android phone is impossible without physical access. 

To spy on these devices, you’ll need to install a spy app on the target’s cell phone (stealthily, of course). However, there’s hope as most spy apps’ installation process is straightforward and swift.

IMPORTANT: At the moment, no app can spy on an Android device without requiring physical access. It’s pertinent to note that applications claiming to offer this service are clear-cut scams looking to defraud you.

How to Spy on Someone’s Phone Without Them Knowing for Free: Taking a Peek at the Top Mentions

These days, most people turn towards spying for a wide range of legitimate reasons. That said, are you tired of spending money on offerings that never work? Would you like to learn how to spy on someone’s phone without them knowing for free? If your answer to both questions is yes, we’ve sieved four methods you can try for effective results.

Social Engineering

how to spy on someone's phone without them knowing for free

There are many methods to secretly spy on a cell phone without paying a dime. One of the methods that have been gaining popularity for a while now is social engineering.

So, what does social engineering entail? Social engineering gives you the leeway to manipulate the target’s device without external assistance. 

Since you’ll require physical access to do this, you must find a convincing excuse that’ll let the target hand over their device to you without reservations. 

We recommend asking to make an important call on their device. Once you’re on the phone, ask for some space. Now, you can go through the target’s contacts, multimedia, social media chats, and others. 

To get information from the device, even if the target has their device, you can install a spy app quickly without them knowing. Now, you can see what they’re doing on their cell phone 24/7.

how to spy on a cell phone without access

If you can’t go through with the social engineering method’s dictates, you might want to look towards malicious links. This method is vital as it gives you an insight on how to access an Android phone without them knowing remotely.

All you need to do is craft a malicious link and send it via text or email. While there’s a possibility the target might refuse to click these funny-looking links at the first instance, sending these texts continuously will leave them frustrated. Therefore, in their quest to see what the link contains, they’ll click it, giving you full access to their devices. 

Using malicious links, you can install a spy app on their devices without them having the faintest idea.

Moreover, you can create a fake social media webpage that shares semblance with the original. Also known as phishing, this malicious link variation has a higher success rate. You can use this method to get hold of their social media credentials without hassles.

With unimpeded access to their socials, you can chat with anyone and change their passwords. It’s important to note that Android cell phones are more susceptible to phishing attacks than iOS devices. 

Software Vulnerability

spyware without target phone

You must be tech-savvy to execute this method. Using this alternative, you’ll need to check any software for loopholes you can exploit without the target having a clue. 

Here’s an illustration of how this medium works:

Using WhatsApp Web for emphasis, you can use the QR code to create an account that looks precisely like the targets’. Using the social engineering method to get their device, scan their WhatsApp QR code using your phone. 

Upon completion, you have 24/7 access to the target’s WhatsApp account. Now, you can see all outgoing and incoming messages and calls when you deem fit.

The software vulnerability method is free and doesn’t require software installation at any point. 

Sniffing Wireless Networks

spy app without target phone

Sniffing wireless networks might seem like a strange concept. In truth, it is, and this method requires a certain level of technical expertise. Nonetheless, the idea of sniffing a wireless network is pretty straightforward. 

Here, you get information from the target’s device once you can triangulate the wireless network it uses. While this might sound like a stretch for some, let’s see how it works.

First off, you must crack the network’s password. We recommend watching some video tutorials on Wi-Fi password hacking to do this successfully. When you’re able to grasp the focal points, you can take information from the target stealthily.

Although sniffing wireless networks is excellent if you know how to spy on an Android phone without touching it, this method fields numerous technicalities.

NOTE: The techniques mentioned above are standard amongst hackers with malicious intent. Therefore, regardless of what your reasons for spying are, we don’t recommend their usage.

Spy on Cell Phone Remotely With mSpy

Since it came to the fore in 2010, mSpy has become a revered spy app worldwide. Coming off as the #1 spyware option in numerous jurisdictions, mSpy has made concerted efforts over the years to perfect its offerings and make them accessible to all and sundry.

Unlike some other spy apps on the Internet, mSpy is as comprehensive as it gets, fielding over 25 features to ensure mobile monitoring goes smoothly at all times. Their stellar rise hasn’t gone unnoticed as they’ve been able to make headlines with positive reviews from top entities like Forbes and NewsWatch.

Laying claim to over 1.5 million customers, mSpy ranks as the spyware with all the boxes checked. With mSpy, there’s always more.

Easy Setup

While other spy apps might have a tedious registration process, mSpy deviates from the norm. With mSpy in the mix, all you need to get started is 5 minutes. Yes, you heard that right!

Get Real-time Updates Without Doing Anything Extra

mSpy knows that getting acclimated with the target’s activities at all times is a must. With this spy app, you don’t miss an update as your Control Panel showcases new information every 5 minutes.

24/7 Invisibility

Oops! He got caught trying to spy on his girlfriend’s phone. Well, with mSpy, you won’t see this headline anytime soon as the target can’t point towards an icon once you’ve installed the spy app on their devices. 

As you get information from their phones, they have no clue about it as the device runs as intended.

Have Your Issues Resolved in an Instant

While the possibility of clog during mSpy usage is rare, there’s 24/7 support available to resolve your nagging issues promptly. Just send a message, and a customer representative will attend to you in almost no time at all!

Subscription Prices Won’t Bore a Hole in Your Pockets

mSpy understands the importance of monitoring your friends and loved ones. Thus, this spyware has refused to place an astronomic premium on its subscriptions. 

With prices starting from $48.99 monthly, mSpy also offers toned-down pricing of $11.66 per month if you enter an annual plan. Talk about cost-effectiveness!

Security Is Recurring Decimal

Have worries about information transmission? mSpy has you all covered as it fields bank-grade encryption technology to transmit details from the target’s device to your Control Panel.

What Can You Get With mSpy?

While many spy apps offer a limited feature list, mSpy steps up the ante with over thirty different features to ensure you monitor the target’s device like a champ. 

That said, here are some nifty add-ons that stand out on the mSpy app:

  • Keylogger

Seeing what the target is typing in real-time isn’t some magic trick from Hogwarts. With the keylogger feature on mSpy, you can see keystrokes made by the target 24/7. 

Using this add-on, you can decipher what the target’s discussions center around. Alternatively, you can use this nifty element to sign in to their socials and see what they’ve been up to recently.

  • Location Tracker

Do you want to know the whereabouts of your child, employee, or life partner whenever they’re out? Using the mSpy GPS tracker feature, you can see where they are in real-time. Furthermore, this feature lets you in on their route history, so you can know where they’ve been to in the past.

  • App Blocking

With this add-on, you can monitor the apps used by your ward or partner without them knowing. If you feel as though the app fields indecent content or might clog a budding relationship, you can easily block it on your end. Thus, the target won’t be able to use the app until you’ve unblocked it from your dedicated Control Panel.

  • Internet Filtering

The vastness of the Internet is unquantifiable. Therefore, to protect your loved ones from accessing harmful sites, mSpy has curated this feature to aid you to see what web pages they’ve visited and when they went through those platforms. 

With these details visible from your Control Panel, you can also filter what sites and contents they can access on the Internet. 

  • Multimedia Files Monitoring

mSpy grants you access to the multimedia files sent or received by the target’s device. That said, mSpy goes further to exhume the timestamps on these files to give you a perspective on things.

  • Social Media Tracking

With social media platforms fast becoming the hub for indecent acts, mSpy lets you in on the messages sent and received by your ward, partner, or employee. mSpy steps things up a notch by getting you up to speed with deleted texts. 

The social media tracking feature on mSpy works on popular platforms, such as WhatsApp, Facebook, Kik, Skype, Telegram, and Instagram.

How to Spy on iPhone Without Touching the Phone: Step-By-Step Guide

Unlike Android phones that require physical access before monitoring activities are deemed achievable, you can use the mSpy spyware without a target phone if the device is running on the iOS platform. In this segment, we’ll run you through the inner workings of this detailed activity. Quickly, let’s take a peek.

To kick-start this process, you’ll need the target iPhone’s iCloud logins (Apple ID and passcode). It’s pertinent to note that effective monitoring can only occur when you back up the device. 

Although you can do this generally without a jailbreak, subscribing to a no-jailbreak package by mSpy makes things much easier. Using mSpy, you’ll have to go through 3 steps to achieve your goal – smooth sailing device monitoring.

Step 1. Get Your Target’s iCloud Credentials

Obtain the iCloud credentials of the iPhone device you intend to monitor. Ensure the iPhone is non-jailbroken before you proceed.

Step 2. Choose a Subscription Package

Select the no-jailbreak package of mSpy. Once you’ve completed the payment, you’ll receive a welcome letter from mSpy, indicative of vital instructions needed to start spying on the target iPhone.

If you run into issues during installation, mSpy has 24/7 customer support to cater to your every need.

Step 3. Start Monitoring Your Target’s Device

When you’ve gone through the installation process, it’s time to spy on the target device. To ensure you don’t encounter anything daunting during iPhone monitoring, mSpy has curated a dedicated Control Panel for its vast clientele. 

Here, you can see the activities performed on the target device 24/7.

IMPORTANT: Although this method seeks to relegate physical access to the background, you might need to establish real-world contact with the iPhone if the iCloud backup is deactivated or 2FA verification is enabled.

How to Spy on Android: Step-By-Step Instruction

In your search for the best spy app for Android without access to the target phone, you might have seen many alternatives pop up. However, in terms of spyware with a proven track record, mSpy ranks high.

Albeit available for Android devices, monitoring via this spy app without a target phone will see you go through several steps. Let’s take a peek:

Step 1. Purchase a mSpy Plan

Before you can install mSpy on an Android cell phone, purchasing a subscription plan is non-negotiable. To choose a plan that suits your needs, go through these steps:

  1. Create an Account

Head to the mSpy official page and click the “Try Now” icon located in the top right corner. Now, enter a valid email address on the page that pop-ups. Ensure you tap the checkbox (T&Cs and Privacy Policy) below.

  1. Select the OS You Intend Monitoring

On the next page, select an OS. Since you plan to spy on an Android device, click on the corresponding icon to proceed.

  1. Pick a Subscription Plan

The next page you land on should acclimate you with the subscription plans available to you. Here, you can make a pick between these plans: 1 month ($48.99), 3 months ($27.99 monthly), or 12 months ($11.66 per month).

  1. Complete Your Payment

When you’ve made your selection, it’s time to complete the transaction. Just add the plan to your cart and make a payment with your preferred payment medium.

After you’ve made a successful payment, you’ll get an email from mSpy containing activation and installation details. You’ll need these details to access your unique Control Panel.

Step 2. Disable Play Protect on the Target Device

Android devices have a feature called Play Protect. To use mSpy to its fullest, you have to disable this add-on. Here’s how to go about it:

  1. Head to the device’s Play Store and click the icon in the top right corner.
  1. Tap on Play Protect. Once you’ve done that, tap on the setting icon located at the top right.
  1. Disable the “Scan Apps With Play Protect” option.

Now’s the time to move on to the penultimate stage.

Step 3. Download the mSpy Installer

Doing this is pretty straightforward, and all you have to do is follow these steps to the latter:

  1. Launch a web browser (preferably Google Chrome) on the target’s Android device.
  1. Click on the address bar and input the link sent by mSpy (you can find this link in the activation mail).
  1. The link will redirect you to a separate page. Here, you’ll have to draw a specific figure to pass the captcha test. Do that and click on “Download.” 
  1. Head to the target’s settings and allow downloads from “Unknown Sources.”
  1. Install the application and tap on “Open” upon completion.

Step 4. Install mSpy and Commence Monitoring in Full Gear

Once you’ve installed mSpy on the target device, allow the necessary permissions and tap on the “Complete Installation” icon. 

Now, you’re all set to monitor. Just head to the Control Panel and insert the specifications of the target device. With this step out of the way, you can see every piece of information emanating from that Android cell phone.

Are There Other Legitimate Websites That Claim to Spy on Android Devices?

During your in-depth search on how to install spy software on cell phones remotely, we’re confident that you saw many platforms claiming to excel in Android spying. 

So, the question is, are these sites legitimate?

Unfortunately, these platforms are fake, looking to perpetrate fraudulent acts. If you’re curious enough to visit these sites, you’ll notice that most of them claim to spy on Android devices once you can send in pictures of the target’s device. 

Some sites, in a bid to step up their phony games, might tell you to transfer an APK through Bluetooth to the target’s phone. This method is pretty underwhelming as it would’ve been easier to install a spy app on the target’s device directly.

These methods are pure scams, as Android spying is only feasible when spyware is present on the target device. 

Final Thoughts

If you have queries about the possibility of spying on phones without software, we’re sure that you should have some perspective by now. 

While spying on iOS devices is possible without using an app, you’ll need one if you intend to monitor a cell phone that runs on Android. Nevertheless, it’s pertinent to note that iOS hands-free monitoring can only work if the iCloud backup is active and 2FA authentication is disabled.

However, we found common ground with the spy app – mSpy. Compatible with Android and iOS cell phones, we’ve given a detailed insight into its features, download, and usage across both devices.

With this spyware at the forefront, it’s now possible to spy on someone’s phone without having it in your possession. 

Although spying might seem like your only option, endeavor to check local laws to ensure you’re clear of any legal issues before kick-starting this activity.

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