How to Spy on iPhone Without Them Knowing: Notable Alternatives to Consider

In the world of AIs and high-speed Internet, there’s no telling how much information you can get in a short space of time. While that might be an excellent development, some people abuse such access. Thus, you’d find that most societal issues stem from the convenience of information technology.

Some of these problems have grown over the years, and it’s difficult to ignore. For instance, cyberbullying, infidelity, and child sexual assaults have permeated the Internet so much that regulatory bodies find it hard to tackle these activities.  

So, what can you do to protect yourself from these vices? Sometimes, you’d have to take significant and radical steps against them if you want to stand any chance. By learning how to spy on someone’s iPhone without them knowing, you can spot threats from a distance and avoid them. 

In this comprehensive guide, we’ll show you some of the best methods you can use to spy on someone’s phone undetected. Let’s get started.

Why Do You Need to Spy on an iPhone With Apple ID and Password?

As we’ve established, spying on someone’s phone might be a radical thing to do. On the surface, it could look irrational and unethical. 

Regardless, there are genuine moments when discreet spying is all that’s needed to salvage the situation. 

So, what scenario can warrant iPhone spying? Here are some reasons why iPhone monitoring might take center stage. They include:

  • Parental Control

Parenting can be challenging, as your kids are one of your most loved relations. Therefore, you wouldn’t want them to come to harm in any way. As a parent, you’d like to limit their exposure to toxic and harmful content on the Internet. Nowadays, this action has become almost non-negotiable, especially when you aren’t around to supervise their activities.

On the other hand, you’d still want the kids to use the Internet and experience digital communications for themselves. Is a balance feasible? For the most part, yes. Here, you could go all tech-savvy and spy on their iPhone with an Apple ID and password to ensure they aren’t in any danger. With the method, you can keep an eye on what they view online without them having a clue. Best of all, you can do this remotely!

While some might question the legitimacy of spying on your kids, it’s pertinent to note that children are minors. Therefore, it isn’t out of place to spy on their mobile activities. It’s for their safety and protection from online predators and harmful content.

  • Infidelity in Relationship

If you’re in a relationship where you think your partner is cheating on you, the times might be challenging for you emotionally. 

While this might be a topsy-turvy moment, the most important thing you need to do here is to gather rock-solid evidence that they are cheating on you. Doing this would help you to take the next logical step.

However, the person at fault won’t rat themselves out quickly. If you want to catch a cheater, you’d have to do it red-handed. Thus, spying on their devices without them knowing is one way to get the perspective you seek. 

Here, stealth is crucial. You can adopt a clever method that grants you access to a target’s device on demand. Now, learn how to put spyware on an iPhone and use it to get the vital details about your partner’s escapades with the other person (which isn’t you, sadly). 

Since this data is available on your dedicated Control Panel, you can confront them when you’ve had enough.

  • Company Interests

Productivity levels are a crucial metric to businesses. The more productive the workforce is, the better for their bottom line. However, phone usage at work is one of the biggest threats to productivity, and employers are doing all they can to nip this issue in the bud.

If you’re a business owner, you can track your workers’ phones while at work to know how they complete tasks during office hours. It’s best to do it on the company devices, so you can seek their consent before you spy on their activities. That way, you can track them without their knowledge during work hours.

mspy spy app iphone

Spy on iPhone with mSpy

If you’re interested in spying on someone’s iPhone, it’s best to use a proven and capable spyware application on the market for the job. mSpy is one of the best iPhone monitoring apps you can currently download.

With over 25 unique spy features and native support for iOS devices, you can spy on iPhones seamlessly with mSpy. This spyware also has an intuitive interface, and that’s an excellent development for anyone looking for a consumer-friendly spyware application. 

What’s more?

The spyware gives you some control over the target device. Once you’ve entered a subscription and gone through installation, you can see a person’s messages, call logs, and real-time location. 

While there are over 36 mSpy features, here’s a peek at its most notable add-ons.

Features of mSpy

mSpy has many premium spy functions that allow you to get the most information from an iPhone you wish to monitor. They are:

  • Text Messages. If you’d like to see text messages on the target’s cell phone, mSpy is suitable for the job. With the app, you can read incoming and outgoing messages. mSpy also gives you access to the contacts that send or receive these blocks of text.
  • Media Files. mSpy can infiltrate an iPhone and spy on its multimedia. This feature is pretty convenient since it allows you to see the content the person shares and receives online. The spy application also supports most image and video formats.
  • Check Browser History. mSpy can also check web browser activities on the target device. This information includes a comprehensive list of previously visited sites. mSpy also gives insight into the web pages frequented by the target.
  • Location Tracker. Location coordinates are one of the vital pieces of information you might want to spy on someone’s phone, and mSpy gives you that. You can get a person’s real-time location and receive geo-based notifications in the app.
  • Keylogger. mSpy has the unique ability to track every keystroke someone makes on their device’s keyboard. This handy feature lets you know what that person says on social media platforms and their searches on the Internet.
  • Call Logs. mSpy intercepts incoming and outgoing calls, complete with their timestamps and caller ID details.
  • Social Media. If the person has a social media application installed on their iPhone, mSpy can spy into it. This stealthy monitoring app lets you see ongoing chats and multimedia files. mSpy supports major social networks like WhatsApp, Facebook, Instagram & Snapchat.

How to Spy Using mSpy iPhone Spy App No Jailbreak?

With all the excellent spy functions you’d get on mSpy, how do you get started with them? 

Below are some of the main methods to accessing mSpy’s premium features:

mSpy No Jailbreak iPhone Spy App 

The mSpy iPhone spy app no jailbreak method allows you to use the spy software without modifying the target device’s jailbreak access.

Using the no jailbreak iPhone spy app, you have to follow this step-by-step process to begin:

  1. Purchase and Subscription

    You’d need a mSpy subscription to begin the process. Visit the official mSpy website, create an account using your email address and choose a pricing plan. 
    Upon successful payment, the system sends you a confirmation email giving you details on the next steps.
    Subscribing for mSpy is as simple as picking a pricing plan and paying for it. The service accepts payment in credit or debit cards. This process is easy, and you can seek more insight here

  2. iCloud Account Activation

    The no-jailbreak mSpy method requires that you link the target iPhone’s iCloud details to the software. For this, you’d have to retrieve the ID and password. 
    However, you must ensure that iCloud backup is active on the device. If it’s not, turn it on, as it would allow you to receive new notifications when you resume spying.
    Also, the 2FA (two-factor authentication) on the iCloud account needs to get deactivated. This system could give your plans away, so it’s best to turn it off.

  3. Login and Start Monitoring

    Once you’ve inputted the target device’s iCloud details into your mSpy account, you can begin to monitor the device in real-time. Log in to your mSpy dashboard, and you’ll start getting updates right away.

Note: The base mSpy subscription covers one license. Thus, you can only use it on a single device. However, you can transfer the application between two devices and still keep the premium features on one of them at a time. 

Jailbreak Method

If you decide to go for the jailbreak method on mSpy, below are the steps you’d have to follow:

  1. Get a mSpy subscription from their website.
  2. Install Cydia on the target iPhone and select the Mtechnology LTD repository in the app.
  3. Tap on the “all packages” button and select the “iPhoneinternalservices” that appears on the next page.
  4. Install the package, and restart the Springboard.
  5. Locate the mSpy app on the home screen and launch. Select the “Accept” prompt when you see it on the following page. 
  6. Select your preferred options on the following “Amenability” page. 
  7. Input the registration code you got after you’d purchased your mSpy subscription. Tap on “finish” to complete the process.

Note: If you need to track multiple devices, you can either pay for two basic plans or choose a family subscription instead.

How to Spy on an iPhone Without iCloud Credentials?


In the method mentioned above, you might have noticed that you’d need an iCloud account and its password to commence iPhone monitoring. 

However, if you prefer to skip the requirement, you can consider a medium that offers perspective on how to spy on an iPhone. 

An application that offers this service? is an online phone tracking application that uses a cellular phone number to monitor its location. 

To track an iPhone using, follow these steps:

  1. Create a new account and enter a subscription. You’d find the pricing plans under the submenu on the service’s main website.
  2. Type in your target’s phone number. There’s no need to add prefixes, as has a country code picker in the search box. 
  3. Customize the message with a location-sharing request will send to the target’s phone. You can leave it as is, but altering it increases the chances of the target opening the message.
  4. Wait for your target to open the text, and their location becomes accessible instantly. is an easy pick if you’re looking for a spy app for an iPhone without iCloud credentials. It also has the location history feature, so you’d know where the person’s been previously.

How to Spy With the Best iPhone Spy App Without a Target Phone?

The best spyware for an iPhone would cost you some money. However, you can still get a decent spy app for an iPhone free of charge. 

Below are some of the best iPhone spy apps without a target phone. You can also get them for free or built-in on iPhones:

Find My iPhone

spy on iphone with apple id and password

The Find my iPhone add-on is a built-in feature that you can use to monitor someone’s device remotely and freely. However, its functions only cover the GPS location of the target iPhone. Using this medium, you can’t access information on the main memory.

Below are steps to setting up Find My iPhone for the first time and using it to track someone else’s device:

  1. Log in to the target’s iCloud account. It’s best to use another iPhone after getting the account details from the person. You’ll need to sign out of any existing account on the device before logging in to the target’s credentials.
  2. Click Find My Phone. You should find it as an installed app on the device. If not, you can access this feature by inputting the target person’s details into the iCloud website.
  3. Open All Devices and select iPhone. The page lists all iOS devices connected to the iCloud account. Note that the search result will be in real-time unless the device is off at the time.
  4. View the iPhone’s location on the map. 

Some of the other functions available on the screen include: Play Sound, Lost Mode, and Erase iPhone. Interestingly, you’d get real-time location information in Lost mode, even when the target iPhone is offline.

Google Timeline

best iphone spy app without target phone

Google Timeline is an excellent alternative to the typical best spy app for an iPhone. While it was initially for Android devices, you can get it to work when trying to spy on an iPhone as well. 

Follow these steps to get started on Google Timeline:

  • Step 1. Log in to a target user’s Google account. You can use a web browser on the device or the Google app if the target has it installed. 
  • Step 2. Head to – Google Timeline uses the website to track the device’s location from the data collected on the iPhone. 

Remember that the service is third-party on an iPhone and would need location tracking permission granted beforehand. 

Thus, ensure that “Location Reporting and History” is active before proceeding.

  • Step 3. Choose a date or select Today. You should find the setting in the top left corner of the main Google Timeline page. The feature displays the most recent location timeline for the target iPhone.
  • Step 4. View the location history for the whole day. Navigate to the bottom of the screen to find the last location coordinates the iPhone reported to Google Timeline.
  • Step 5. Scroll and choose the recent location update. You may also review each location data you find in the app.

For instance, Google Timeline notifies you when the iPhone is stationary or in motion. 

Other Points to Note

how to put spyware on iphone

You must understand the dynamics of spying on someone’s iPhone, even as you find newer software and applications to help out. 

Several laws exist to protect user smartphone privacy, and you may have to satisfy them in many cases.  

In the US, two criteria permit you to spy on someone’s device legally:

  • The person must have willfully given consent to spying. Since there are no specific guidelines for obtaining permission, you could use discretion in cases like spying on a cheating partner.
  • An underage person to whom you’re the legal parent or guardian. Smartphone users under the age of 18 in the US fall under this category, and you don’t have to obtain consent at any time. 

Final Thoughts

Spying on an iPhone has many perspectives. For one thing, the ability to access a smartphone remotely shows how far we’ve advanced technologically over the last few decades. 

However, trawling through someone’s iPhone without their knowledge sounds controversial. It may come off as unethical from the onset to many people. You have to take a closer look at the situation to see if you have genuine reasons to use spyware on a target. 

The main reasons to use iPhone spyware may include a cheating spouse, a lazy workforce, or teens with a smartphone. 

Luckily, we’ve highlighted how you could get around these situations with some of the best premium iPhone spy apps. That said, you’ll also find alternatives that work if you need a free spy solution.

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